Become a Client

Green Cross Society of B.C. is a membership-based medical society. Although cannabis has been legalized for recreational purposes, our society only provides access to tested, reliable medical cannabis products to clients with confirmed medical needs.

We require three documents to create new client accounts. A government-issued photo ID, a signed form provided on location, and either a doctor’s recommendation or a government-prescribed medical card

Patients that can’t access our 2145 Kingsway location can apply for an account via e-mail with each of three required documents attached. If a caregiver is to purchase on a client’s behalf, the caregiver’s identification should also be attached.

Confirmed clients with no access to our 2145 Kingsway location can call us to have their medicine shipped (Canada only).

Alternative Medical Recommendations

If prospective clients don’t have the proper medical paperwork to qualify them for medical cannabis, we can refer you two nearby clinics to visit for a doctor’s recommendation.

Medical Cannabis Resource Centre 200-460 Nanaimo St.
Vancouver, B.C.

Clinica Holistica
2179 West 4th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.

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