I have been having my prescription filled at Green Cross Society for about 6 years. I have always found them to be knowledgeable, compassionate people who genuinely want to help. Not only are their medicines fairly priced, but getting the right strains means that I use less. It is comforting that they have their own testing equipment. … Continue reading Ray T.

Ray T.

As someone who has found the ability to go and shop for my essential needs at a welcoming, professional enlightening environment like the health focused environment of the Green Cross Society… that maintains strong ethics, professional standards and best practices, is a far better health option than a commercial business completely profit motivated with mass … Continue reading Ana H.

Ana H.

At Green Cross there is always a great selection and they always have a deal on, so most people can afford their medicine. The staff know all their products and always have good recommendations. It is a place you can trust, as they are caring and genuinely view cannabis as medicinal as opposed to some … Continue reading Jamie-Lea M.

Jamie-Lea M.

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